Sunday, 12 August 2012

Vacation time

Once again, I've spent part of my summer holidays in the beaches in the east of Spain. Time before, I hated to bring my camera to the coast because I think it suffers more than under a dry weather. Now, with a pair of reflex cameras, bring the older is not a problem for me.

As everybody do, I'm going to torture you with my "holidays' pictures" :p!

The next pictures were taken in Gandía beach and in the port of Valencia with a Nikon D3000, a Nikkor 18-105mm lenses and a Manfrotto tripod.

Some of them are pictures of long exposure at first (or last) time of the day (principally the "blue hour", but "golden hour" sometimes).

Finally, an experiment. I've taken a picture of long exposure without fix the camera in a car at the night. The result is a mix of bizarre rays of several colours. I thought it could be interesting.

I hope that my holidays' pictures were interesting enough :)!

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