Saturday, 27 May 2017

The light in the night

I've added a new item to my photography gear: a Led Lenser P7.2 torch.

Promotional image from product webpage

A torch for photography? Yes. I was looking for a good (and non very expensive) torch to make night photography. I chose the Led Lenser P7.2 after I read this post (in Spanish) about Led Lenser torchs written by Mario Rubio (one of the most popular night photographers in Spain nowadays).

You can find it in Amazon, and now it's a good time to buy it (its price is lower than time before).

Evolution price vs. time in Amazon in last year - (analysis by The Camelizer)

Why a torch? Because you need it to see in the night when you are walking to you location, because you can use it to paint a night scene with continuous light, because you can mark accurately a specific area, etc.

I tried to try it yesterday in the night, but my session was truncated by an unexpected event, so this post is not a good example of the skills of the new torch.

My first try was with the below picture. A few seconds was enough to illuminate the scene (more time would had burned the hill). It needed more time to be exposed correctly, but I didn't like the composition and I passed to the next scene.

My next try was with the electricity tower, but I had an encounter with a wild animal (I couldn't view it well, but it seemed angry). Maybe a fox, maybe a raccoon... I'd seen them before in 'Los Cerros' park (in the Facebook page of the park is shown how they captured amazing images with a camera trap), but this little friend was specially angry and I decided abort the session in this point. The below picture is only a test, with very high ISO. I couldn't to take the final picture.

Finally, I took some more urban night pictures. For example, night roads with cars' lights.

The 232 bus to 'Los Hueros - Torres de la Alameda' arriving to Alcalá de Henares again. Maybe you can read '232', 'HUEROS' and 'TORRES'.

And I finished with the 'Madman's House'. I have to practice with the illumination, but I tested the great power of the torch (320 lm), even with cellophane paper to change the colour.

I have to test it more and better in next excursions, but I think it has been a good purchase, with a lot of possibilities in night photography.

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